WTB: workhorse 7 ballast


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Just curious if anyone has a workhorse 7 ballast laying around they would want to part with?

One of my ballasts in my lights went out so instead of replacing it I may just get started on my T5 setup! :D
i dont have a workhorse but i do have 2 sets of 2x96 watt pc ballasts and bulbs that i'm looking to get rid of.....$100 takes them both


Check out naturallighting.com. its one of the cheapest sources for electronic ballasts I know of. They are very knowledgeable, and shipped me what I needed very quickly.

They do have Workhorse ballasts.

I did not have much time to look, but they do have a ballast on sale that will drive 2 - T5's for under $29.00.

Check them out.

That's actually the place I was going to buy it from if I can't find one that someone wants to sell. :D
oh and they were workhorse 7's...figured that out after i dug them out of the pile of crap lingering in the corner of my basement
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Can you wire them up to run T5s?
They work to run T-5HO and alot of people on RC use them but there not made to run T-5HO. They shorting bulb life versus a real T-5 ballast. Something like not being program start or something like that.
If you look at fulhams webpage it shows right on there how to wire them up for HO T5's.

And I've also read that they shorten bulb life, and some people say they don't. Just like everything else on here! :D
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I have a WH7 Barely used. I bought it and then switched canopys a month later...

Don't need this anymore?