10 Gal


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I have been considering a mantis shrimp for awhile now. I figure I will house it in a 10 Gal and being as I am a fan of refugiums I will probably have a 10 gal under it. I am left with a few questions.
First, I have noticed that peacocks are very popular here, are there pictures floating around out there of others? And why are they so popular, are the others ugly?
Second, while I know that I can not keep fish with it or clams with it can I keep any type of coral? (Probably a dumb question, but I figure I'll ask.)
Third, do they eat tiny things like bristle worms which are needed for DSB,s and macro algae. I figure if they leave those things alone then I can put one shrimp in the 10 gal and one in the 10 gal so-called refugium, saving myself from having to set up another down the road thereby saving myself 50%. (I can fast talk myself into somthing faster that a used car salesman with the right pitch.):bum: I also think that being as they are messy eaters their scraps could feed the "critters" in the DSB if they do not eat them too.:)
Thanks for your help.