10 gal Sump for 54 gal Corner tank?


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I’m planning out how I am going to convert my 54 gal corner tank over to a reef tank. I have had successful reef tanks in the past, but that was about 12yrs ago. The main thing I am trying to decide is if I should drill the tank and add a 10 gal sump. I don’t think I want to use a HOB overflow box. Is there enough benefit to adding a 10 gal sump or should I just stick to a good HOB skimmer? The size of the corner stand doesn’t look like it will fit a sump bigger than a standard 10 gal tank. Any suggestions on equipment for either route is greatly appreciated.
@griss didnt you have a corner tank at one point?

My only concern with drilling would be if the glass is tempered.

I think 10 may be sufficient size but I’d possibly see if a 15 gallon or maybe a 20 gallon high would fit (not sure what dimensions your dealing with.
I had a 92 corner bowfront. Mine was purchased reef ready and I plumbed in through the wall to a 55 gallon sump.

I personally will always have a sump for my tanks. Even a 10 gallon will allow a little more water volume. Plus, it's a convenient place to put equipment like the skimmer, heaters, etc.

If you do decide to drill, as Shane mentioned, make sure the pane you're drilling is NOT tempered glass. A lot of tank manufactures use tempered on the bottom pane. So, if the bottom is tempered but the sides/back panels are not you could drill the side/back and install an overflow like an eShopps

Also, Modular Marine sells sump kits on eBay that are pretty nice. I have one in the 10 gallon sump on my 40 breeder and have been really happy with it.
If I add a sump, it is a side panel that I have to drill so the overflow box would be in the back corner. The bottom is tempered and the front is bowed. Thanks for the recommendation on Modular Marine.