10k and 20k's users.


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Hi friends, i just want to know where the 20k works better at the center or at the corners. Yesterday i place an order for 2 ReefOptix lll with 250w electronics ballast and Ushios HQI 250w 10K D/E and two 10k250w S/E Ushios and Two S/E 20k Coralvue bulbs. I want to try the 20k and need some advice of where it works better. The tank is a 72" long 125g tank. Thanks in advance , Ralphyhp.
How many halides are you planning on running total? Just the two that you just ordered? What reflectors will you be using for the 20K bulbs?
The problem is you need one more 10K and center a 20K between them. Shouldn't be too hard placing a medium base bulb between the pendants or just get VHO for actinic and do away with the SE. The tank would look more balanced IMO.
10k and 20k's.

10k and 20k's.

Saltyseaman four halides in total two on the ReefOptics lll and two on my existing PFO mogul base reflectors running by PFO dual magnetic ballast, suplemented by 2 60" URI Actinics VHO on IceCaps Ballast. Cecilturtle so i can center the 20k between the 10k HQI's. I order 2 250w 10k's mogul base Ushios bulbs with the ReefOptix to switch if i dont like how the reef looks with the 20k's, this is the fisrst time i use a 20K so this is just a test. Thanks and let me know how the 20k's works better. Thanks in advance, Ralphyhp.
I have 3 -250w HQI's 10k's and changed out the middle one to a 20K. There is a noticable difference in color change between the sides towards the inside. There is a old picture in my gallery which shows you the XM 20K in the middle.
Invencible if you refer to the(center 100 g tang) looks fine, by the way what bulbs you have at the corners of your tank. Thank's Ralphyhp.
Ideally, If I were you, I would throw one more 10K in that mix. Then go 10K - 20K - 10K - 20K - 10K . That would blend the best. With what you have I would Try and put the 10K and 20K as close to each other as possible then center each 10K-20K pair over their own half of the tank. That shoulds give a pretty descent blend and spread on each half. I guess when it boils down it's really just personal preferance and you will have to experiment with different combonations and see which you like best. Good luck and HTH.
Thanks guys, Saltyseaman i have a total of 5 reflector with their bulbs and five M/H ballast to do the (10k 20k 10k 20k 10k) the thing is that maybe i need to cut the mogul base reflector to fix them on my cannopy.
OHHH, I see what you're doing. This could still work out. I see two possibilites to fit 5 halides in that canopy.

1) You can Turn the reflectors so that they run perpendicular instead of parallel. It looks like they will run into the VHO's though. Since you are running the 10K 20K combo then you might be satisfied with not running the VHO's at all. THe 20K's might be blue enough to offset the 10K's like VHO's, but from what I have seen in pictures the Coralvue 20K's are pretty white for a 20K bulb.

2) If you want to keep the VHO's and still run 5 halides then you can overlap the reflectors a little bit. Slide the one in the middle to the left untill the bulbs are almost touching or untill you have sufficient space to fit the rest of the pendants and reflectors. One more thing you can do is run the Reefoptix pendants Parallell to save on space. I think that these reflectors are meant to be run perpendicular to get the most efficient use of the spread of light.

Well, actually you might not have any trouble at all now that I think about it. The Reef Optix III's have a 9"x11" footprint. So if you mount them perpendicular then that should leave you a good 48" for the three reflectors you allready have. That's 16" per reflector. What are the demensions of the reflectors you have right now? They look to be about 16"

Just kinda spouting out idea's . I do still feel that the 10K 20K combo looks best when running an odd number of bulbs, unless a 10K and 20K bulb share a single reflector. But that's not applicable in your situation since you are running DE bulbs. But like I said earlier, when it boils down it's really just personal preferance and you will have to experiment with different combinations and see which you like best.

HTH thanks a lot, now i have a lots of ideas to deal with this setup. The dimensions of the PFO reflector are 15 x 10 and the cannopy have 67" to work with of the 72" and the total in inches for the 5 reflectors are 67" eather so i going to set it up with the ReefOptix perpendicular as you mention. By the way i going to move the Actinics VHO to the back of the cannopy because i know the 20K's Coralvue are more brighter than other 20k's Vince at Oceanencounters told me that they work as a 13K. Take a look how much i pay for the entired ReefOptixlll setup: http://oceanencounter.com/Merchant2...Code=OE&Product_Code=2HMHS&Category_Code=ICMH
Reefoptix pendants Parallell to save on space

Ooops, I meant to say perpendicular there not parallel.

HTH thanks a lot

LOL . HTH stands for Hope That Helps ;) . My name is ZAK

That's a pretty darn good deal you go there :thumbsup: Nice equipment too.

Have you considered putting one VHO centered on the front and one VHO centered on the back? This might blend actinic light better throughout the tank and give it a symetrical look.

Glad to hear I helped :thumbsup:

This Palmatta

And this Goniopora Offspring

Awesome :thumbsup:!! Do you have a larger pic of your tank?
I have a lots of pics send a PM with your email so i can send you a good pics and not this resized. The Palmata are my favorite on my reef but a Hypnopora touch it and bleach a big part of it so i frag it and keep a nice piece of it. Here a pic. of the Palmata frag.
And here is one AWESOME mixed tank. How long have you had these Gonioporas Ralph? What is that big red one dead center?

<img src=http://reefcentral.com/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=2116450>
10k and 20k's.

10k and 20k's.

Zak this Gonis have 4 years on my tanks and they use to drop budds the entired year. That pic is from my old 55g reef, i have it for three years then i shutt it off to upgrade to my 1 year old 125g SPS tank. Now i start it again as a reproduction tank. The red one is a Colt coral under 4 48" VHO 2 Actinics and two 10k Daylights, i have taked over 25 frags from this monster. I try tomorrow to attach the pics on a thread.