14k to 20k


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I am running 14k hamilton 400 watt its on a 40 breeder. If i go to a 20k will it cut down the intensity of the light. I am loseing a little color on the sps.

depending on the particular bulk you are thinking on getting.

can you describe, what kind of lose of color you are experimenting

They are just getting liter the green monti was a deep green now it is a lime green the pink one was hot pink now it is lite pink. It still has full plop.

how long can you last between cleaning of the front glass?

equipment, bio-load, feeding, light duration, ect?

one reason that I have seem that causes liter (faded) of colors is running the tank with very low bio-load and or long duration of photoperiod


and if this is the case, yes changing the light to a 20k (which means less PAR, less intensity) colors will get more intese (deeper) but thats not the best solution,

less duration of photo period
a bit more feeding
raising the light

and others are cheaper and more effective,

about 5 days then i clean the glass. I was running the lights 10hrs i just cut them back to 8hrs