175 MH for 1 1/2 feet deep tank.


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ok i need to know fur sure because im gonna order from www.hellolights.com this weekend. Im gonna buy the 175 watt MH retro fit kit for my 40 gallon tank thats 1 1/2 feet deep and 3 feet in length and about 1 1/2 feet in width. Im gonna probably go with the 10,000 K bulb. Is this enough for my tank to house clams, some sps, lps, and some others. I just need to know if this is good enough or not because i dont want to go out and wate my money. Im probably going to add some PC's in the future while i see things work out. So with the 175 MH it comes to a total of 4. 375 watts a gallon. Also will i have to suplement the tank with antics or is the Mh good enough? SO please tell me ASAP with any info or comments that will help me out. thanks.