2 Pseudochromis & A Purple FireFish?


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Hello all, first post!

I have a 90g reef tank that currently has a Blonde Naso Tang, 2 Chromis, and a Purple Firefish.

I am looking to have perhaps 2-4 more small fish and am very interested in both the Blue Flavivertex and Fridimani Pseudochromis (both would be added at the same time.)

My concern though is with the purple firefish already in the tank. Anyone have a Pseudo and Firefish together? Any problems? I am hoping that since the Firefish was in first, that this will help in reducing any aggression between the two species.

Its a large tank with plenty of LR, caves, holes, etc...

Thanks for any input.


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Team RC
Firefish are easily intimidated and when they do, they simply waste away. Many Pseudochromis are aggressive (Friedimani is least aggressive) so you may put your firefish at risk.


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I wouldn't do it. I had a purple psuedochromis kill a longnose hawk and a baby niger trigger. I also have a purple firefish in my reef and they are super timid, he'll likely end up on the floor or starved.