220 vs. 110


I am debating about whether to use 110v or 220v lighting and pump on my new tank set up. The icecap ballasts doen't cost that much more for 220v and I have a friend that has a jacuzzi pump for saltwater that is 220v for sale. Any suggestions and do 220v run that much cheaper than the 110v.
I don't think 220v will be any cheaper than 120. The only advantage is that you need less current per watt so you can pull more off a sincle circut. I'd just go 120 since you live in North America.
Everyone (except here) has told me that the 220 would run alot cheaper. I guess there must not be that much opinion out there on the difference. Maybe I should just save the extra bucks on the ballasts and get the 120v.
It would be a little cheaper energy-wise, but nothing I would call substantial. The ballast would probably run cooler.....