2nd Annual Montgomery Reef Club Coral Market


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Hey North Tn peeps. It'd be quite a haul for you guys and gals, but I wanted to let you know about our next Coral Market (more of a market atmosphere than a swap, anyway, right;)). This will be no where near the size of a MTRC swap or anything, but we've got twice as many vendors this time, so I'm hoping to be in a growth spurt:).

The Montgomery Reef Club will be hosting the 2nd Annual Coral Market on April 25th at the Drury Inn just off of I-85 in Montgomery, Al. from 12-4 PM CST. Fragging Demonstration at 2 PM ($10 fee). Door Prizes/Raffles at 3 PM. Free Admission.

Some of the sponsors so far are DT's Phyto, Sunlight Supply, SeaChem, Drs. Foster and Smith, ReefGeek, Reefscience.com, ORA, and CaribSea. More to come:).

We'll have light snacks and soft drinks available, also.

The Drury Inn offered excellent rates for those who traveled last year, but make arrangements as soon as possible to ensure you get a room. I don't think there is anything going on that weekend, but you never know...

Buy, sell, and trade corals and lightly used equipment. There will be a little bit of everything there from softies to SPS and everything in between.

If interested in setting up a table, contact me and I'll get you penciled in. There is a $10 table fee for those wishing to rent a table and sell/trade.



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New raffle information.

TritonsGarden is donating (2)-$50 gift certificates and
My Reef Creations is going to donate a gift certificate for the raffle. Jack and Kathy have a good selecton of corals (and will be at the swap). And for those not familiar with My Reef Creations products, I've got them al over the house, the next time you come by.