300 gallon L Shape Aquarium closed loop setup


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I am working on a closed loop plan for this aquarium. I can not have powerheads in the aquarium and it is already setup and running. What I am pondering is where to put the returns in the aquarium since I can not drain it at all. The pump will be in the basement so I am looking at approx 12ft to the middle of the cabinet on the first floor. From there I was going to make a manifold so I can divert the flow from there to other parts of the tank and have valves to controll the flow to each output. The pump I am thinking is a Reefflo Manta Ray. What are your thoughts


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Run the return pipes along the top out of sight within the canopy and then drop the outlets down into the tank. Aim the outlets along the glass. Add penductors to the outlets for increased flow.