4-400w MH placement??


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I'm trying to build my canopy and can someone tell me the best distance to have lights above my tank so my heat will not get too hot and to make sure I get good penetration to the bottom of my tank it is 30" deep?? There will be 4-400w MH and 4-48" pc lights the pc's will have 4 bulbs each 2-10000k bulbs and 2-actinic each unit.


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I dont think it matters too much with 4 400watt halides and florecents. No matter how close or how far away they are from the surface its going to be HOT!

Your going to have to put some fans in that canopy the heat is going to be crazy :) Probably about 6f raise from that or more. You may need a chiller too. My tank has 1 400 in the sump and it raised the temp by 3f.

If you want max light, just put them about 3" from the surface. There is a lfs 500gallon 36" deep aquarium that has only 2x 250watt hamilton halides and there is good light in that tank..