40gl clean up crew


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What is a good clean up crew mix for my setup?

40gl breeder - display
2.5in sand bed - fugi pink
60LB of various live rock, mainly leader and bali, with a little tonga and fuji

30gl sump - fuge(will be growing micro alge)
fuge area has about 5in sand bed with LR rubble

At this poit I am in the end stages of the cycleing process so I dont have any coral/fish, so just looking for a base clean up crew to add in a week or so.


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first off all 5 inches of sand in your fuge is ridiculous try more like 2... for the cleanup crew IMO its better to go with a variety...you dont want too big of a cleanup crew otherwise they will starve....id start of with maybe 10 nassaruas snails and 15 turbos,15 blue leg hermits and 5 scarlette (redleg) that would be a good start and then you can always add more later if needed..if you get aptasia peppermint shrimp are good to have and if you have bubble algea emerald crabs are good to have ...you may want some type of sand sifting goby...you may want a cleaner shrimp or 2...so i guess it all depends on your personal preferance


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I have 4 nassarius snails, a fighting conch, and a few astreas and turbos for the glass. Only add as the tank demands or you'll have a bunch of dead snails. I've kept a couple of ceriths in the past that have also been good additions to sandbed cleaning.