55gal Dwarf Lionfish tank???


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A couple of questions.

1. Would a 55gal FOWLR tank be big enough to house 1 Dwarf Lionfish (Dendrochirus zebra?)

2. If so, what would make good tank mates?


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a 55 should be fine. good tankmates would be fish that won't fit in its mouth, won't outcompete it for food, and won't pick at it. maybe a decent sized dwarf angel or marine betta?


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55 would be fine for a dwarf lion. I would look into fish that are not overly aggressive at the same time not super small stuff. Maybe a pair of clowns, a fairy wrasse or something?


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If you put clowns in there you would need to get them probably fully grown or close to it so they weren't in danger. Until I moved my dwarf lionfish from my reef to my FOWLR I had mine with a clarkii clown and no problems. I saw it checking out the baby clarkii I added to pair so I moved it to a different tank. I think ocellaris or percs would be in danger from a decent sized dwarf lion. One of the smaller eels might work out as a tank mate.


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One of the smaller Hamlets, like a Blue Hamlet would be cool, Maybe some sort of Filefish? Or you could get more Dwarf lions like a pair or trio or something.


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we keep all of our lions and other scorps at SG 1.023 at 76*F - 77*F.

i think you could keep a trio of dwarf lions nicely in a 55 gal as long as your filtration is up to snuff. feed them 3x a week (we feed M-W-F), and vary the food you offer them.

IIRC, rusty_spoonz kept a fuzzy, a zebra, and a fu manchu together. his "fu" was weaned onto dead foods, and had no trouble with competition.

we'll be keeping a fuzzy, a D. barberi, and a fu together in a 60 gal + sump once they all reach the right size. our "fu" is weaned to dead food as well.
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