6-line overboard!


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I have a 90-gallon reef tank with a corner overflow.

Last week my daughter walked through the living room and noticed that my 6-line wrasse was in the corner overflow area! He must have jumped over the side and into it.

I've been feeding him in there, and have tried to net him but I can't get my hand far enough down there to reach the bottom of the tank, and he keeps swimming in and out among the two pipes in there.

So...who has a brilliant idea of how to catch him?




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Depending on your overflow, you might be able to shut down your return, drain out as much with a hose, then just try to tire him out by chasing him with a net till you catch him.
Are the stand pipes glued in?


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slowly fill the overflow with sand, once full the wrasse will be on the top of the overflow, grab him then siphon the sand out.