60 gallon Wet/Dry filter


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I recently built a refugium using the technique Travis showed us at the last meeting, hence I now have my old Wet/Dry filter taking up space in my fish room. Purchased it from WebAquatics.com (if anybody wants to see a picture, it's the 60gallon wet/dry package they offer, minus the overflow) But to the point, I don't plan on using this again and hate to see it go to waste so if anybody in the club could benefit from this unit let me know and I'll bring it to the meeting. (no charge, my little way of contributing)


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If only I could fit a 60 gallon anything under my tank. Such nice folks around here though.


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I really really wish i was in the club, cause I could definetly use this for my 100 gallon that I'm just now starting. I'd be in the club if it wasn't for my caotic schedule, and me living an hour and a half away. If nobody in the group needs it, give me a PM or email at miraoot@yahoo.com. Thanks.


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Yep I will be a member this weekend. Hope to see you there. Thanks for the link.


COMAS Rocks!
Congrats on joining this weekend, I just signed up last meeting and already I learned to build my own refug, saved myself so much money building one myself that I can afford to give this wet/dry away without to much worry. The only request I make is that when you're done with it, or replace it, try to donate it to another member who could use it.