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I have a standard 55G with a DSB. I'd like to get the 6010 and use the controller to adjust the flow so that it doesn't disturb the sand bed.

So I'm hoping someone can advise me what can I do with the controller?

I'd also like to have it pulse. What are the limitations on using this feature?

It seems that you made an excellent choice there although you may also consider two 6000 with a multicontroller instead of one 6000 with single controller (6010 kit).
Basically, you can pulse the output of the pump depending on your preference (i.e., 30% to 100% in a given time interval). As you may already know Tunze pump is better than other ordinary powerhead since it can slowly change the output from 30% to 100% without turning it on and off.
I think Tunze Stream is the best pump in terms of quality of performance and durability.

I am not an expert so that other more experienced people could also answer your question until Roger comes back.
If you've got a sump, then place the return on one side of the tank (opposite the overflow), and put the stream on the other side (w/the overflow). The single controller pulses the stream between two settings. On a 55 you can probably still get away w/the 30% and 100% settings provided your DSB is established and "sticky". Add the night sensor and it will kick the pump down to the low setting when the lights go off. Depending on your rockwork and corals, the 6010 will "bounce back" from the far wall and w/the pulsing you will get all kinds of turbulent flow, but the DSB should be ok. The settings can be as low as 30% and as high as 100% (duh), and anywhere in between cause it's a dial...you can also adjust the pulse frequency. There's also a "feed" button that'll cut the pump off for a few minutes. It's a great powerhead, the only downside is the size....it is pretty prominent in a 55.....
I really would not recommend a 6000 in a 55 gallon tank, especially one with a deep sand bed. You'll never be able to run it anywhere near the maximum flow rate without serious disturbance.

You may want to look at some of the electronic Turbelle pumps instead, which run at lower flow rates but can be controlled with the single controller or the multicontroller, just like the Streams can.
Can you give the dimensions of your 55? In general I would agree with MalHavoc but if the tank is wide it could work.
Thanks everyone for your replies.

My tank is 48" x 16" (width) x 18"

I don't expect to run the unit at 100% I would prefer to run pulsing between 30% and 50%.

At the moment I have 4 MaxiJet 1000's. They provide a lot of circulation but it looks a bit crowded with so much equipment.

I went to the Tunze web site to find information on the Turbelle pumps but it was not very helpful. I will browse this forum. It is much better :)

A 6000 could work but in general I would recommend a 7310/2. Melev has a review on the home page and if you have further questions let me know.


rvitko said:
I would recommend a 7310/2.

Approximately how large is it? The photos make it seem quite big.

I'm a little bit confused about the function of the 7310/2. It looks like a powerhead. Is the current produced the same as the Stream only not as strong?

It is actually the same size as the Stream but with an intake strainer. It is essentially a high power powerhead that is electronic and pulses and has a large outlet to eliminate shearing force- proportionally the flow is similar to a Stream 800gph through 1" vs 1800gph through a 2" outlet.
I'm starting to think I need to put the 6010 opposite of the overflow.
the pump sucks all the "debris" and spits it back out(when on the same side as the overflow. But if I was to reverse it it would throw the debris down the overflow..............makes sense?
I have had this same problem in the past with other powerheads and yes, moving it away from the overflow helps.