6060 Streams have arrived!


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Hello. The first 6060 Streams in US voltage arrived today and will soon be available to those who preordered. Unfortunately the 6000 models are not yet in but I expect them in a week or two. More 6100 and 6080 Streams were also shipped out today so slowly but surely we will catch up on orders. Thanks!
Hi Roger-
I couldn't find the 6060 listed on any of the vendor sites. Can you tell me what the suggested retail price will be on it?

$115.88- it is a small Stream for continuous use without wave makers, it may be sweitched off a few times a day with a timer. It is suitable for 75 gal aquariums and produces 1600gph.
I believe most vendors have presold this shipment.
I would start with one but in the right set up with a heavy substrate and acros one could work in a 58 or 65 tub type tank, 2 might not be too much but it depends on layout, substrate and inhabitants. The ideal would be 2 6000 and a multicontroller so you could dial in the exact flow rate you need and alternate the sides. I think my advice in this situation would be one 6060 and perhaps a Sea Swirl or SQWD system for your return to create a random flow in conjunction with the broad flow of the Stream. Remember wave makers will ruin the pump and void the warranty and their is no control possibility outside of a timer with 1hr intervals on the 6060.