6095 Quick Disconnect


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I posted this in the DIY section but thought it would be good here as well.

I have three Tunze 6095's in my tank that could use a cleaning. Unfortunately, the wiring in my stand makes pulling them out of the tank a real pain in the @#$%. These are expensive pumps and I know this would void the warrantee but I'm seriously considering cutting the wires and installing some kind of quick disconnect.

This would be an awesome mod if anyone has done it. Imaging being able to clean a Tunze PH with the same ease as cleaning a Vortech wet side.

Any thoughts?


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I would have to agree, if tunze put quick disconnects on the pump, even it it were about 3' from the pump so it is still far enough away from the water, that would make a huge diffrence rather than trying to take all the cords with the pump. great idea


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All I can say is DON'T. Over the years I have seen many DIY attempts at this come in for repair and there is a reason we generally avoid plug connectors to the extent possible. They corrode and fail and if the connection even comes loose and arcs, the circuitry can be destroyed, it will void the warranty. Molex are too open, DIN will not fit tight enough, I have yet to find any 5 wire connector that will be trouble free. Their is a very simple solution to cleaning the pumps, just bring a bucket to the tank with about a gallon of 50/50 vinegar and warm water and soak them and clean them at the tank.