72 gallon downsize


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I have a 72 gallon bow front, with nice black stand and 48" Sunlight Supply Tek 4-bulb T5, with new bulbs. Interested in downgrading for a smaller rimless cube or something to get some space back in my office. Let me know what you have/are interested in trading? Thanks!

Pic below from when I had the 72 set up as a planted tank - is now reef.


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Also interested in trading for something like a larger Bio-cube or any set up that has a smaller length...maybe something 36" in length? Anyway, let me know what you have.

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Im very seriously considering it but then it's just anything to store and doesn't fit in my whole buy more motorcycles plan=)


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Gone! Thanks all and especially Leo for coming on short notice...and sorry I was pre-occupied! Got the bulkhead figured out! :)
Thanks Ben!

I'm sorry there wasn't room for me to fit under there to help with the bulkhead.

It was great meeting you and your wife.

Need to do some cleaning now.