9010 skimmer defect?

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So I unbox the new skimmer, read the instructions and prep it for in sump use. When I went to install the cup I notice a hose hanging out of the body of the skimmer with a black nipple on it. After referencing the "wonderful" instructions I figure out it needs to be connected to the pump outlet. Problem is the black nipple on the hose will not fit snug enough in the outlet to hold it in. Without the collar it willl slide in to the pump housing far enough to hold but with the collar in place the smaller inside tube will stop the nipple before there is enough interferance to hold it in place.

Should there be somthing else on the black nipple or is the collar/pump housing defective?


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RC Sponsor
We did have some of these venturis that the hole was drilled .2mm too big but that was caught pretty quickly, I can send a new suction housing with venturi if you PM me the address.