90g FOWLR Build


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I am currently in the process of getting things together for this Project
The tank is in process just got to pick it up
The sump I will have a 20 long w/ glass baffles, reef octopus 110, refugium, and a mag 9.5 return pump
The 90 has built in overflow
Currently have 45lbs of sand and 50lbs of live rock (suggestions on better amount)
The Fish I am considering are snowflake eel, niger trigger, yellow tang, and black and white butterfly (Please let me know of any concerns thats why I am posting this because dont want to be a killer)

Let me know what you think any suggestions, comments, or concerns


That's not a salmon
Team RC
...eventually, but will be okay for a while. Be careful about niger triggers - they can be very docile when small but have reputations as often becoming quite aggressive as they get bigger.

If it were me, I'd have more like 90-120 lbs live rock and enough sand for a 2" shallow sand bed (not sure the weight needed).

I think your list is probably okay, but I'll give you my take on each, just for grins:

snowflake eel - I have kept two, and both escaped the tank. I've had other eels for a long time (zebra moray, 12 years; Brazilian dragon moray, 5 years; black edged moray, 3 years) and never had a problem with escapes or attempted escapes. I also don't trust snowflakes around fish. I'd pick another eel, maybe a chain link, or a skeletor. I'm not sure they won't try to escape, but I'm almost positive a snowflake will

niger trigger - nice fish, but ultimately, not suitable for a 90. Would you consider a filefish or dogface puffer?

yellow tang - colorful, but IMO kind of boring. I like mimic tangs a lot. They aren't bright yellow as adults, but have beautiful finnage, stay reasonably sized, and have better temperaments (IME) for a community tank

black and white butterfly - I'm not a butterfly keeper, so don't have experience. What species is this? If you are talking a moderate sized Heniochus species, I think it would be a great addition. I think they are hardier than the average butterfly.

Good luck with your tank build. Keep us updated and post pics. I recently moved, and sold all my tanks except a 90. I miss my 210! I don't have the 90 where I want it yet, so will be interested in any inspiration your build can provide. :)