A couple frag shots.


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Sorry my phone takes crappy pics.

1 gold hammer becoming 2. It's like some of the tentacles are trying to be on both.


Duncans always look demonic to me. They sure eat like demons lol.



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Very cool- always nice to see them extended and full early on. How long have you had them?
Thanks. The hammer is 2 or 3 months bought as a single head. The Duncan is just over a month bought as a single head turning into 5 fast lol.


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Very nice looking frags. Do you use any filters?
Aquarium filters or lens filters?

For aquarium it's just live rock in the sump and a skimmer (and nuisance algae of course lol).

For the photos not with my phone. Just cropped and 'auto levels' in photoshop.

I think I used an orange filter on these frogspawn ones I took a while ago.



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Newest addition to the frag tank. Tuxedo urchin my wife calls "Pinny". She says its a girl because of the fascinator hat she's wearing. Funny thing is it had that hat when I got it and it let go of it when I handled her after acclimation. The first thing she did was go around and find the same hat instead of picking up some of the other pieces from the tank. I guess it's a favourite.