a couple of far-fetching requests


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Okay, so my 8-bulb Tek T5 needs to be sent back to Sunlight Supply for some repairs (which are hopefully covered by the warranty), which creates two problems. First, I have yet to find a box of the appropriate size in order to return the unit. and second, I need an alternative light source for the duration of the repair.
so, here it goes...

Does anyone happen to have a heavy duty cardboard box with the approximate dimensions of 48X20X3? Or, do you have any idea where I might be able to find one?

And, I don't have an alternative source of light for my tank at the moment, and considering that I just got hit with 2 unpaid furlough days a month for the next year I can't really afford a backup light at the moment...so does anyone happen to have a 48" light that I could either borrow or rent for the period of the Tek repair. I know it's a long shot, but I don't have a lot of options right now.




Jon - If someone can loan you single-end sockets/reflectors, you can borrow my 400W ballasts and bulbs.

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Hey Jon, my husband used to ship framed artwork and they always had to cut and tape their boxes. The bike boxes were a good idea.

Sorry to hear about the furlough days!


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Jon I have a dual 175W Hamilton Metal halide with dual actinic you could borrow. Kicker is you would have to drive down to Stocktonia to get it. I also have a box that will hold your tek at my work in S. Sac I could even ship it out from my work. Let me know.


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really dumb q, have you tried going to light bulbs plus on auburn? they are SLS dealer. they might be able to help you out.


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I can offer you a hand on the fixture, I have replaced the ballast on mine before (unnecessarily) and getting to replace all the endcaps as soon as they come in....

1. can help you if you want
2. I have the fixture if you want to borrow it
3. I have lots of heavey duty styro and prob could get enough styro to make one..

LMK if I can do any of those things for you.



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Wow, you guys (and gals) are truly awesome. Thank you so much for all the offers of assistance. I truly appreciate it. It's great to know that when a need arises that there are people out there willing to help. Makes me proud to say I'm a member of MARS! Hopefully I'll be able to return the favor some time.


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I have a metal halide in the garage I was going to put on my planted you are welcome to borrow.


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I think that simpleman's got me covered on both a box and a light, so I should be good to go. thanks!


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hey jon,

if for some reason simpleman's lights don't work out, I have an 8x54w Tek T5 fixture with legs that I'm not using right now...



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thanks Jeff, I'll keep that in mind.
Now all I have to worry about is dealing with Sunlight Supply...hopefully they stand behind their warranties. Rob from UWP is helping me out on that front though, so I have confidence that things will work out.


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one of my ballasts went out...it's still under warranty so i have to send it in for a repair/replacement...hopefully it gets fixed and returned without too much delay.

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Hey Jon

In the off chance that all this generiousity doesn't pan out I have the parts to make up a SE 250w fixture that you can borrow. The ballast sucks but the reflector isn't too bad.
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i have a 175W with attinic fixutre and icecap ballast you could barrow but it looks like you have some offers much closer. I'm thinking of selling it for $100 anyways .