a new pump?


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what would be absolutely equivalent (or at least as close to) to a mag7 in terms of size, power, pumping, etc., but be much lower to run in terms of wattage? price is not an issue. any advice would greatly appreciated. thanks
thanks for the info. do you know where i can find info rgarding how much it can pump over a 5ft. horizontal distance, as well as its size, thank you.
accoring to the box on mine, its in meters and liters but it converts to 396.2 gph at 5 foot

I measured it for someone the other day I think it was like 5.5 inches wide and about 6 inches long
will the ocean runner work well to feed a 1/10 hp chiller that is five feet away from the sump? minimum flow would be 420gph. any other ideas?
Horizontal distance does not add as much head as vertical distance. If it pumps 396 GPH at 5 vertical feet it will be much more than that horizontally if the plumbing sizes are sufficient and fittings are kept to a minimum. I am a big fan of Ocean Runner pumps myself, I own 4 of them.
ok thanks for all the advice. one final question though, what do you mean by having sufficient plumbing sizes? if the hosing for the pump is more narrow that the output, for example, will it pump water at a higher pressure? is this correct? again, thanks for the info
For most pumps you want to go up a size on the tubing or pipe to lessen resistance to flow. When you have too small a pipe you increase the head pressure which reduces the flow. This is especially important on the suction side of a pump in the case of an external return pump or closed loop, you never ever want to restrict the suction side of a pump.
I use an Ocean Runner 3500 as a return on my 100G. It goes from the sump through a 1/4 HP chiller and back to the tank using 1" heavy wall clear braided tubing so it will not kink. I also use a 350 on my closed loop which also has 1" plumbing on both sides. The 2500 can probably get by with 3/4" if you keep the fittings to a minimum and the length as short as pratical.
sweet. ok thanks for all the help, i think i should be fine. actually one last question. with the 3500, could i do the same system as you describe, with the exemption being that my chiller would be about 3-4 ft from the return line (i would have to move the chiller a bit closer)? what would you recommend?