AC III Pro, DC's & Electronic Ballasts


I plan on purchasing the ACIII Pro with 3 DC4 HD's and want to make sure that everything is compatable with my current lighting set up. Lighting is 4 - 400w coralvue electronic ballasts and 4 PFO VHO electronic ballats.

Has anyone experience any functionality issues with these ballasts and the DC's?

Thanks - Ed
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check the amperage and make sure they are within limits.

Yeah...That's not a problem....I was more concerned with electronic interference. The Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper doesn't function well with the Coralvue electronic ballasts and I was wondering if the AquaControllers have the same issue.

I'm not aware of any problems with coralvue ballasts concern DCx operation. Perhaps someone that owns them can chime in.

You know - I'm really surprised people are still dealing with these types of issues. Filter/Conditioning technology isn't *that* hard to do.

Try something like one of the the expensive tripplite surge strips. Those carry conditioning/filtering elements and I've successfully used them in the past to isolate finicky electronics.

Just FYI - I recommend the AC but here is my Coralvue experience:

I know I am jumping in late here but I had a problem that Curt helped me through with interfernce from my PC ballast. I temporarily got it corrected but I continue to have problems with the temperature fluctuation caused by my Coral Vue 250 electronic ballast.

When the ballast is off, the temperature agrees within .1 of my secondary temperature monitor but as soon as that ballast kicks throws the temperature off almost 2 degrees lower. No matter where I move it it throws it off.

I would recommend buying a second temperature guage to watch your readings.

And yes I have attached a noise filter to it and still am having a problem.

My Ice Cap and Reef Fanatic ballasts do not cause any problems...hard to believe but when they are on ---no problems.

I still love my AC2 and what to trade up to the AC3 pro but a little redundance will help you sleep better.

I have a CV 250w ballast and a AC jr. I have no interferance at all, temp or ph wise. Maybe your AC cables are tangled with the ballast cables or their touching or something.