ac jr acting up


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i have had a problem with this unit since i got it.

here is my programing.

AC01 = LT1
AC02 = LT2
AC03 = LED
AC04 = FAN
AC05 = HET
AC06 = COL
AC07 = CO2
AC08 = ALM

The programming :

If time > 16.00
Then LT1 on

If time = 0.00
The LT1 off

If time > 16.30
The LT2 on

If time > 23.00
Then LT2 off

If time = 0.00
Then led on

If time > 9.00
Then led off

If temp < 79.5
Then fan on

If temp >77.0
Then fan off

If temp < 75.5
Then het on

If temp > 77.5
Then het off

If ph > 8.4
Then co2 on

If ph < 8.2
Then co2 off

If temp < 82.5
Then alm on

If power = 000
Then alm on

If ph < 8.2
Then alm on

here is most of the program that is there other than that will be factory one i didn't change because i am not using the plugs

ok here is my problem i am running 6 t5 lights. 2 light are a tek retro and the other 4 is running on ice cap.

my first problem is light shut on but won't shut off. then sometimes it shuts off but won't shut on.

ex. the ac01 (lt1) turn on at 16.00 (4pm) then ac02 (lt2) with icecap ballast would tun on 30 min later. sometime the lt2 won't shut off but if it does then at 12.00 mid night = time 0.00 then lt1 won't shut off 90% of the time. sometimes (lt1) would shut off and my daylight LT2 shut on til i see it the next morning and have to reset it.

I even borrowed a friend's ac jr also and it shut off and on no problem but it turn of and off every 10 min. but it is not like a pump. it turn on normally then shut off for 10 min and it almost seem like they alter from daylight (lt2) and LT1. but the pattern is random. but there was no programming like that on the computer.

do i have a faulty wire. or a faulty unit. this unit is about 2 months old and i am pretty sick of it.

here is the funny thing when i use it on my sump light and led as LT1 and LT2 while i was building my retro it work find but once i put it back on the t5 they went nuts again. is the power too much for it to handle?

please any advice would do.

i kind of wish i never bought this unit. would have save so much time and coral and stress off my fishes. due to crazy lighting even growing bad hair alage now.


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DM99. I had similair issues and traced the problem to the cable from the controller to the X10 interface. Might be worth replacing the cable to rule it out as a cause. can be frustrating, but once you solve the problems it's a great piece of equimpment.