AC wireless bridge diy


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I know this might belong in the DIY forum but I have a question for Kurt.

I'm planning on building a wireless ethernet/serial bridge for the ACJr/II/III based on the Linksys WRT54GL. What I want to do is to insert a tiny server between the AC and the LAN to offload some of the AC's functionality (logging, web server, email, ...) and add a couple more (ssh, ntp, wap, smart email notifications/alarms, ...)

So Kurt, here's my question: would it be possible to get the list of commands supported by the serial/telnet console (things like download/upload of calibration data, program, timer names, etc...)?

Thank you.
The serial port/telnet comamnds available are document in the manual. With 'c' 'd', 'on', 'off', 'auto' commands you should be able to do pretty much everything AquaNotes can do.
We have not documented how to modify the program, and configuration data through the serial port as it is a very complex operation. The program has to be compiled into tokens, and then these tokens are downloaded into the controller. On the AC3 and 3Pro expose the web server program modification so that your DIY bridge can make changes.