Adding Calerpa to display Tank?


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Is there any reason i don't see many reef tanks with calerpa in the DT??? I have it growing in my refugium and love the look of it and think it would look good filling some voids in my DT???


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It grows like a weed and very hard to eradicate. Many do not even keep it in their refuge in fear that it may migrate into the display. Cheato is a much safer solution.


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And they will love you for it. My (former) purple tang decimated the Calerpa population in my main tank within a couple of weeks. It couldn't grow fast enough for him to eat it.


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It's poisonous, and very few fish or inverts will eat it that will live in a 55g tank. Do not let any plant root in your rockwork: it can take over, and crowd out any corals you hope to keep.