Adding R/O Water to the Tank

Michael R

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The salinitiy in my aquarium has stedily increased to a point at which I am uncomfortable.

I am now attempting to slowly, gradually, bring down the salinity to around 1.025.

Whenever I do a water change, I change 5 gallons of saltwater with 5 gallons of R/O. It's a 90 gallon tank so that isn't a very significant change. The salinity hardly changes.

I'm wondering if I should be adding anything to the R/O water, or is just find to add it as is? Should I add anything to 'set' a pH or hardness?



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Sounds like your hydrometer is broken. If you take out 5g of saltwater and replace it with freshwater, salinity should change, even on a 90g.


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What are you using to test with? If its a swing arm, has it been checked and cleaned? I would find a shop or friend with a refractometer and compare the readings. 5 gallons of RO/DI should bring the salinity down significantly.