Advice On Having A Clam


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I want to buy a clam may be a maxima clam nice blue one. but i want to know how to take care of it. i am planning to buy a small one since those are less expensive. however i herd that they need alot of food and that they need to be fed all the time. but what do you feed them? Micro Vert from Kent Marine? becouse that is what i use all the time to feed my corals. now i have a total 800 watts of radium MH on my 75g. so i think thats good enough for the clam. what other special care dose a small calm needs? :rolleyes:
I understand wanting to spend less by buying a smaller clam. Trust me I know how expensive this hobby can be. I would advise you to spend a little more on a 4" clam rather than a smaller 1.5" to 2" clam. While the 4" or larger clam will benefit from feeding it is not completely necessary. I also do not know much about the Kent product you are using. I use D.T.'s Live Phytoplankton exclusively. You can also argue buying the bigger clam will save you money on Phyto. in the long run. I also would advise buying a captive raised clam (ORA) from a reputable LFS or online store. Good luck with whatever you decide!:rollface:


I can give you an example. In my 40 gal breeder I add 3tsp. (15ml) every other day. I have a heavy load of corals as well as three clams. I have a 4" squamosa, a 5" crocea, and a 2.5 inch maxima. I also take the maxima out once a week to feed it. I submerge a specimen container, place the clam in and hang on the inside of the tank (to avoid temp change). Then I add the phyto. Just enough to change the water to a light green and leave it there till the water is almost clear (about an hour). A little bit of a pain, thats why i said to get a 4" clam. I have had great success keeping clams (mostly squamosa) with this method. BTW, I placed my little maxima on an empty shell and not directly on my rockwork so I would be able to move him. I also did not buy the maxima. I recieved two of them (about the same size) from my brother when he decided they were too much work. I have since traded one of them away and am keeping the other one. I also buy my D.T.'s from he also has a nice selection of clams on that site though I have not purchased any clams from him yet.
No Problem!

No Problem!

I would advise using 1tsp. (5ml) for every fifteen gallons so 5tsp. or (25ml) about three to four times a week. If you add clams or larger phyto dependant livestock like gorgonia I would slightly increase to 6tsp. or (30ml) three times a week. I hope this helps. I also looked at and the selection was outstanding as well as the prices. I will be ordering a new clam or two with my next order of D.T.'s. Good Luck!!!

With DT's you are feeding the clams not the tank. So depending how many clams you have. If you start to get green layer on your glass then reduce the amount. Also good idea to turn off skimmer for a while to let the clams filter it out.

Have had great luck with They always have a big selection.

I would have to disagree with you on that one. You are feeding quite more than you think when adding any phyto. Live hard and soft corals, tube worms, clams and a host of other inverts feed on phyto. I would hate to see my tank without using it even without my clams! I will agree with you about using too much though. I suggested those amounts with the sense that cobra201 had an average bio load in the tank and with adding a clam that should be about right without being too much. :D