advice on shipping zoo two day shipping


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Ok, I need to hear about your opinions on shipping zoanthids two day shipping. They are much hardier about temp and water conditions right? they can close up and survive quite a lot? I hear of a lot of people advertising this shipping so how has it worked out? thanks


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It's fine if its warm and your trying to save a buck i'm like this if i spend a 100 on frags i'll spend 40 on overnight . USPS will deliver in places overnight with EXPRESS shipping


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they will make it fine depending on the packing...... Those that are shipped submerged in water seem have the biggest loss... as they are banged around in the bag and the water gets poluted... I have also received them wrapped in paper towels and that also seems hit or miss... I've had the best results shipping in a Kordon breathing bag with just a splash of water... not even enough to cover the zoas just enough to keep it a little wet...and packed tight enough so that they don't bounce around in the package... but if you are buying from a vendor I'm sure they have the shipping worked out already


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Im actually shipping to someone and we botgh are thinking of using twoday for zoanthids. I use priority overnight and have never shipped two day . I see places advertising it for zoos tho.
So they can shipp pretty dry for two days?
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This is how I do priority shipping. I shipped 5 shipments out this past week this way and I am pretty sure they all made it. I know for sure 3 of them took 3 days and are doing great. One of the people that got them 3 days later said that the zoas were opening within minutes.

Go to Wally World, go back to where they sale their plastic food containers. Look for the $2 half thermons that comes in red, blue, etc..

Take your frag bag it up with just enough water to cover it good. Then tie it up put in in the thermos. Add some peanuts or paper to make it tight. Screw the lid on good. Add the thermos to a 4x4 usps priority box. Line the bottom, the sides, and top with packing peanuts. Close it up and ship away.

This has worked MANY times for me. I can normally fit 3 small frags only in the thermos cause it is small. There you go.