Advice on starting a cuttle tank?


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Hi all!

I am an experienced hobbyist, and I'm soon to move into a bigger home with room for my newly aquired 125 gallon tank. I want to set up a single species tank with cuttlefish, with the cuttles being added after about a year of tank maturation with a few common marines (I know they say 3-4 months is OK, but I like to be prudent with these things).

The tank has two Eheim canister filters, each rated for a 125G, so I am overfiltered - a good thing given the waste these guys produce. I will aquire a good protein skimmer.

So here are my questions:
1. Does anyone know how many common european cuttlefish or pharoahs I could reasonably keep in a 125 gallon? I was thinking six, but maybe that is too many?

2. Does anyone know a good source of cuttles in the US? I'd be really interested in raising them from eggs if there is a source.

3. Are they comfortable leaving with any living corals?

Thanks in advance!


1) Through experience....... one to adulthood. You may start with a few, but you WILL need to thin them out or they will do that for you!

2) That's the million dollar question! All of my American friends have great trouble trying to source them!

3) They will live with corals and stuff but not the seriously aggresive species like fire corals etc! To see soem pics of that click on this link of my cuttles.... you can see i have mine in with leathers and bubbles and cabbage corals etc... lots of macroalgae too!

Cuttlefish are much more sensitive to conditions than an octopus so you may want to consider getting an octo first to "practice" with???

hope that helps