Air Cargo


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Hi Jason, I plan on ordering some of your rock soon to start my 55 reef. As you dont ship on Saturdays I am going to have to do some scheduling before ordering. Do you know what time approximately the rock would get to my airport? The afternoon is preferable. I am in VA if it makes a difference. That rock pool crude looks like a must have in my refugium and a excellant price.
Hi Andrew,

We normally drop off late at night and usually it comes in by afternoon the next day, never know with the airlines though. If it comes in earlier then you need, they will hold it for you, you don't have to wait for it, they call when it arrives.

If you are wanting uncured rock, and if Southwest goes into your airport, we can ship saturday when we get the rock. It comes to use on Saturday via Southwest and we can reship right at the airport. You'll want to check and see if they are open sunday, or might be monday before you get it. If you go this route, it's $2.25lb for 50lb boxes. This is gross weight though, not net weight. So figure about 45lbs actual weight. When we pack it we use net weight.


Is that $2.25/lb including shipping? If not, how much is the average shipping charge? Thanks!

Hi Nick,

That would be plus shipping. You would only pay us for the rock and then pay shipping to the airline when you pickup. It's usually around 45-55 cents a pound, but they have a flat 100pound minimum, which means they'll charge say 45 dollars for 1-100 pounds, then after 100 it's per pound.