all must go getting out of hobby


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hi most of u knowive beem working on my food truck . the time has come and i havent had much time to enjoy my tank . all i do is feed and dose .everything is for sale first corals i have over 100 pieces here are a few with prices whole frags no cutting in half or one polyp frags dont ask i wont do it
cornbread cotton candy chalice 5 eyes $15 per eye
sobe watermelon chalice 3 eyes $25 per eye
green lepto 2" plus $25
bubble gum monster chalice 6 plus eyes $15 per eye
magenta birdsnest colony $40
ora pearlberry 2" plus fully encrusted $40
red lepto 2" plus $30
alien eye chalice 4 eyes $10 per eye
emerald mummy chalice eye 4 eyes $30 per eye
fruit bar chalice 2 eyes $30 per eye
orengi chalice 3 eyes $40 per eye
miami hurricane chalice colony 10 plus eyes $15 per eye
original mummy eye 3 eyes $20 per eye
pink lemonade 2" plus fully encrusted $40
15 plus polyps of god of war $15 per polyp plus much more text orcall me 305 989 953 five


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Hey Jose sorry to hear but I know how busy you could get. I just sent you a text. I call the pink lemonade and the ora pearlberry. I also want a few others if you still have them. Please get back to me and let me know. I could see you tomorrow or Tuesday. Let me know what works best for you.



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I sent you a text. I'm interested in a bunch of your corals. Let me know where you live I have tomorrow off if your around.



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Great guy with great corals. Most of my first corals came from him. Sorry to see you go. You should do an ice cream party for us lol.


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Great guy and great some rastas, ufos, sunny ds, rdpe, purple pe and nuclear green! Going back tomorrow for his clownfish pair!


good dude I got some nice zoas and montis. i agree with pork and an ice cream party. or atleast park outside the frag swaps. :lol: