Almost done converting my reef to Seahorse


This is my 92 gallon corner tank, that was a reef for the last 4 years.
The sand bed was septic, so thought now would be a great time to convert it to Seahorses, an idea that I have been thinking about for a while.

This was after trying to siphon out the old sand bed.

Most of the sand bed is gone and the cloud settled

Under the tank , Old:

Under the tank, New:

My first try at aquascaping, and adding some plants (Live and fake)
I am going to move it around a few times before ordering my horses.
I Also ordered some artificial colorful coral.
Looks like I need to take some rock out too.
those are Canister filters....and also i think the tang needs to go and some of those active Chromis ;) but besides that the tank looks AWESOME!!!!!
Yup, tang and chromis are allready spoken for by their new foster family. however, they must really like it here cause I keep inviting them to leave, and they keep hiding behind the rock. But, I'm not out of tricks yet. They will be leaving soon, they just haven't accepted it yet.