anemone emergency


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one of my anemones got sucked into the pump....i turned off the pump & he has removed much of himself, but still appears to be partly in the head....i don't want to yank on him, for fear of hurting him...what do i do next?


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LOL.. that has happened quite a few times with me and my powerheads. Those foam sleeves I guess really are there for a reason!


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the anemone now appears to be eating himself?.....any ideas?
He's hungry. :D


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It could be balling up to repair itself if there was damage. Is it wandering? Also what kind is it?


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at our aquarium shop, they just had them labled as anemones....long tentacles w/ pink this:



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Put a shield around that powerhead---anemones are attracted to the strong flow. Mesh or foam will do.


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Its hard to say, just make sure he is in as happy place as you know of and keep an eye on him. My friend had one that was ripped almost in half, and I managed to bring him back to life. But I have had some that get a small nip, and they keel over. strange creatures, when they are healthy you can't kill them, when they are upset, they are really fragile. :(

I will keep my fingers crossed for ya.


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Don't feed it to much, just like asfullax is saing there strange creatures.
I feed it ones every 3 weeks and it's doing great.
Don't let him wander to much sign of not being happy.

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Go with a plastic mesh sleeve. The foam ones need continual cleaning (at least weekly) to keep aerobic bacteria from colonizing them and then producing nitrates.


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i ended up w/ a nylon net sleeve....they didn't have the foam....but it is loose, am going to look for a new one this weekend....until then, i am monitoring their movements....although, they seem to pretty stationary, right now