Angel fish spot or am I paranoid?


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So my dwarf angel fish has gone through 5 TT in QT along with two Prazi treatments and has been looking really good since the moment I got it. I'm only doing TT as a precaution for ich and haven't seen any true signs of ich on my angel but there is this one spot on the fish that I can't tell exactly what it is. It might be part of the gills but it might also be part of something else so better safe than sorry right? I took a lot of pictures of the fish and only got a few that might work. The fish swims A LOT so it's hard to get a good photo. Anyways I have two while it is in the tank where the spot is visible while it is swimming and I have a good pic of it resting in my hand for a close up photo. In the close up I don't see anything so do you think it's the gills or what?


By the way after pulling it out of the tank for the one photo I fed it som frozen food and it went crazy for it so clearly no harm done. 👍

Thanks for your opinions and help.


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I believe you are referring to the horn shaped scale at the base of the gill right? Al though I have never had a flame dwarf angel I have had other dwarf angels and they all had that horn thingy. There is a name for it I just don't remember off the top of my head. You should be good. :)