Angels attacking clams


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My flame and flameback angels, that have been in my tank for 8 months recently keep attacking 2 of my clams ( 3'" and 4" in size). The clams have been here for 3 months. Other clams are not touched. Is there any reasons for this? Are the clams sick so they attack them? Should I feed more frequently? I have put the smaller one in my sump, with lights on, to avoid the angels, is there any problem for this?

Thank you for your reply!
Angels are well known to be pickers. They pick at everything. When they stress out a clam, it releases a sweet scent, making them all the more attractive to the fish.

IMO you have a choice to make. Either the clams or the angel fish have to go. Decide quickly before they kill the clams.

Is there any particular coloration on the clams that have been attacked ? Maybe these clams were picked on because the colouration or spots look like a common enemy of / or similar to the angel.

I would take Jim's advice and keep a very close eye on the clams and fish. Unfortunatley it sounds like you may have to make a difficult decision in the very near future.