Annual Dec. Mega raffle


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The clubs annual Mega raffle is on Dec 7th at 5 Pm at Elmer's

Please note : for all tank donations - please contact the club, or post in this thread, to determine if you need help transporting, etc. also we don't want 20 ,10 gallon tanks to raffle off.

Most common raffle items include :
1) Donated Used and new equipment - one persons junk is another person's treasure.
2) Donated Frags and or unwanted fish - So don't forget to bring heat packs and cooler to transport you new corals,etc.

To generate more activity please post what you will be donating on this thread or on the facebook page =

You do not need to be an active member of the club to participate. However, some type of donation would be appreciated.

* We will also be discussing club business = open forum/voting for all members to determine board members for 2020, next years itinerary, fragswap, etc. *