anybody have these?


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I'm looking for these: Protopalythoa psammophila


anybody have them, seen them?

Also, what's the largest colony or polyps you have in
your tank, please post pics.



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The green is sweet. I have some that are beige and pink, with long tentacles. This one would compliment it. And yes they are b uttons, Green Giants



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those are nice. you know what they are called? or do they not have a name?

I have them but in medium brown color. Are they zoos like DW said or button polyps?
One set has a neon green center and the other set just hacs a lighter brown center.


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i had a colony of about 200 of them, but i sold the rock off as it got too big for my 90. ive got some now that are really green, and they grow fast as well.


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My biggest ones are these green palys.. they act weird.. sometimes mostly green.. but sometimes some brown with green lines and bright neon green mouth... but when atinics are on only they turn all bright green like there mouths..
won't be able to see with this pic as much, they get bigger than a quarter for me.. I feed them sinking pellets, live phyto and cyclopeeze.



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I've got a few... Here's one frag I made for someone... lol They grow like weeds...