Anyone had experience with flukes?


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My tang is experiencing most of the signs of flukes. I tried doing a FW dip today for 10 minutes and all of the visual parasites I could see on him were still there. I didnt know how long I could keep him in there so I moved him back after 10 minutes.

So my questions are?

How long should I FW dip him?
If I QT him and use meds like PraziPro, how do I rid the main tank of the flukes?
Do I need to QT all of my fish?

I would have posted this in the disease forum but it doesnt seem to get many visitors these days.
Flukes should fall off almost immediately when dipped in fresh water...the problem is, there are tiny eggs/babies still on the fish that you can't see, that stay on the fish. You know for sure you have flukes if you dip in fresh water, and then you see these little things floating around, like it's snowing in the water. They look sort of clear on the fish, but when they fall off in the fresh water you see them. It's pretty gross. I had a problem with them on wrasses. Luckily, I belive they are the type of parasite that can be kept well under control, or eliminated in a healthy tank. I know my whole tank was exposed but only the wrasses I introduced got them. I never saw a single fluke on my tangs. Keep all your fish healthy and well fed, and pristine water quality, and like ich, the parasite will not have any way to get out of control. I've had ich and flukes in my tank and my fish have not shown any signs of disease in 1.5 years.
You can't rid the main tank of flukes unless you want to kill all your coral.
The only way is to remove all the fish, put them in QT, and let the main tank go fishless for a 4-6 weeks. In my case, they just went away.
Make sure its flukes you have, and not some other type of parasite. If you don't see anything falling off during a freshwater dip, then they aren't flukes.

Good luck!
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Our good buddy Bob Fenner has a site


THAT'S where I know the name from. I don't know why, but I couldn't place his name. I knew enough to know he's someone well-respected in captive reef keeping, but couldn't remember what he was known for specifically.

Now I know! He runs one of the most frustrating aquarium info sites currently running! I must have looked at WWM a hundred times, and there IS really good information on it. But good lord, he needs to hire someone to redesign his site.

Because it's in basic HTML, it just looks cobbled together with hyperlinks all over the place. It's really tough to distinguish a pair of hyperlinks from one big one.

It's a shame because in the time I've spent on the site and read articles, I've gotten a TON of useful information from it.
I agree on the site also - its definatly "hard to follow" on a lot of items, but, has great info.