Anyone have a good fish trap I can borrow?


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I need to catch a Coral Beauty Angel. Anyone have a good fish trap I can borrow that actually works? It won't go in the 2-liter bottle trap I built and I think it actually rolled its eyes when I tried the mysis in the fish net trick.

Ramtheory is using mine for the science center.
I do not know how close you live to him but you are welcome to use it.
Nick I am trying to make it Thursday. If not anyone rolling thru Columbia, IL on their way to pizza night? Its a big trap though, If you can't catch it, you could always drop it on its head. :D
Thanks guys!

I can't make it this Thursday :( but Columbia is not too terribly far from me I could swing by sometime.

How big is "big"?
here you go...

I have 2 different traps you can use. Can't tell you if they work or not. Never had to use them yet. One is 6X6X8. The other one is narrower and taller. You are more than welcome to use them. I will be at Pizza night on Thursday.
Sweet! Thanks guys for all the offers. I'll shoot one of you guys a PM when I get some free time.
Well, I borrowed a couple fish traps thanks to dbuesking (your tank looks great BTW) but the CBA won't go in it. I was able to catch a hawkfish and two clowns though :rolleyes:

Both the traps work in a similar manner; basically an acrylic box with a door you can quickly close. Only problem is I can't get the CBA to go in the box. I left the trap in the tank for two days so the fish would get used to it and didn't feed the tank for close to a week so he would be good and hungry. I tried mysis and Rod's Food in the trap, no bones. The CBA likes mysis and Rod food but I don't think he ever get super hungry, too much microalgae in the tank I guess :)

Anyone have any advise? Should I just keep trying until it gets more comfortable with the trap? any tricks?
If you have the patience and time, you can keep trying the trap. But if you want to do it soon, then having a couple people with nets might be best. Or get him when the lights first come on and he is disoriented.
The wife and I tried the nets. There is no way that would work unless I tore down the whole tank. There is way to much LR and coral in there to net him and barely enough room to get the fish trap in much less manuever a net.
Got em!

He just wandered into the trap out of the blue while I was checking out the tank. There wasn't even any food in it. He's in the quarantine tank now.

I'm doing a little experiment to see if polyp extension and color improves in some of my Acros, particularly my milliporas. I have a couple millis that have had practically zero PE and growth for well over a year. I have never seen the CBA bother anything and have great growth with most of my corals, however, several folks on the SPS board suggested that the angel may be the cause of the poor PE and growth and that just a few unnoticed nips a day could be to blame. A few months ago, as a test, I placed a frag of one of the millis in my frag tank; PE, color and growth improved dramatically in a matter of weeks. I'm now removing the CBA to see if I get the same result in my main tank or if the improvements were do to differences in lighting and/or flow in my frag tank. I figure I'll notice something in about 3 weeks.
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Good job you out smarted a fish :lol: :thumbsup: :lol:

Thanks Steve :rolleyes:
Things are not looking good for my Coral Beauty. He's doing fine in the QT tank but my all of my Acros are exhibiting greater PE in including the milliporas. No noticeble color changes yet, I'm going to wait a few more weeks before snapping some after shots. However, my CBA may be in the market for a new "non-acro" home. Too bad, awesome color on this fish, wife is ****ed. :(