anyone keeping sps,clams on sandbed with t-5's


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Still trying to decide between t-5 or MH on my 180. anyone keeping sps, clams on the sandbed with t-5's with a 24" tall tank. Is it possible with the t-5's am a little concerned with the height. I will be using the good reflectors and overdriving the 80w bulbs with icecap ballast.

Thankx Drew..
I don't think that would be a good Idea. You might be able to do gigas but I think it would be best not to.

have info to back that up?


it seems you want mh, because even though it has been shown to you that
1. Is it possible with the t-5's - yes

with even regular ballast, more so with icecap ballast, which can overdrive bulbs, given even greater par

re-thinking my t-5 lighting again for 180g

good luck with your choice,

I have a clam on my sandbed (22 inch high tank) lit with T5s. No issues so far; had it about a month now.