Anyone use the 13k aqualine bulbs?


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just wondering i havent seen much about them. I was thinking they would be a little bluer than the xm 10ks. Any pics are appreciated. Kevin


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Just put one in to replace a Hamilton 10K sent back for being very yellow. Too soon to tell, but next to another Hamilton 10k, it's similar just a hint of blue. My LFS uses the 400W and has similar results. Personally, for me the Hamilton 10K is about $50 and the AB 10000 (13K) was closer to $90. I run actinics so the "hint of blue" from the AB isn't worth the difference in price. No spectrum measurements, just pure personal preference.


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The aqualines are, by far, my favorite 10k (13k?) bulb.

But they are expensive! The cheapest I have found them was at

This time around I cheaped out and bought 10k XM's just to try them out. Much more yellow!!!!!

Next time around I'll be back to Aqualines.

But I wouldn't really say that they are "blue" at all. Maybe "white" at best.

In my experience most 10k bulbs burn a little on the yellow side.

The Aqualines are less yellow ( but I wouldn't say blue )

If you want a more blue bulb, check out the Hamilton 14k

hope that helps


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I'm not the best picture taker in the world.

But this is my tank when I used to run 10k Aqualines ( SE 2x250w
and 2x96w PC actinics )