Anyone want a Mantis?

Virginia Reef

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I caught the mantis from my 90g tank yesterday. It's about 1 1/2" inches long and is a "smasher." It is very dark colored-appeared a deep green under my tank lights.

It came in on a piece of rock with a leather coral on it. Since then I have lost all nassarius snails, some hermits, a cleaner shrimp, a peppermint shrimp, and an orchid dottyback that joined the mantis in the bottle trap.

Be glad to ship it out for cost. Send an e-mail to
I'll gladly pay the shipping for the little guy. I live in Baltimore, MD, so we can probably do priority mail and still have it here in 1-2 days. Let me know what you think.



sea wraith:

you and me both! - LOL
i'm trying to add more stomatopods to my new basement, against some resistance from the boss.
LOL! The advantage of being the woman in the hobby! Guys never notice anything. :D
I have one as well that I will give away. I just need somebody to advise as how to ship, and pay for shipping. He's also med to dark green in color, and about 2" long.