anyone with eheim 1260 in sump

I am running a 1262 in sump on my 240. I changed out from a Quiet One 4000HH - anything but quiet. The eheim is very quiet and seems to have less head loss.
Yeah, it makes this high-pitched whining noise. And then when it hits the glass you can hear it bouncing off and . . . nevermind. I was trying to make a lame dentist drill reference.

I don't know what the pump you mentioned is rated for. But I had a 300? gph Ehiem in my sump and it was almost silent. Occasionally it would start bumping on the glass. But for the most part you couldn't tell it was running. And I had it sitting directly on the bottom of the glass sump. Ehiems are my favorite. Those things can take a beating too. Very reliable.