Aqualight Pro 24" 250 watt is extremely loud!

Pete Harcoff

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I just took delivery of the Aqualight Pro 24" 250w MH/2x65w PC light hood.

First impressions... LOUD! The fan on this thing sounds like a freaking vacuum cleaner!

The design itself doesn't seem like it's promoting very good cooling, either. Or at least, not optimal cooling. It's got the fan facing downward next to the MH bulb in it's own compartment. I guess it's designed to draw air from the top, then blow it through this tiny space on the bottom across the bottom of the compartment where the MH bulb is located. However, it's also got a cooling vent on the other side of the fan, and I think a lot of the air is escaping through there.

The MH bulb also has this thick piece of glass beneath it. I was wondering if removing this glass would be a good thing? Or would that be inviting trouble?

Either way, I'm going to have to mod this thing somehow to get it quiet, but also cool. Right now it's far too noisy for my tastes.
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Mine isn't loud. I''d contact them. The thick piece of glass is a UV shield, don't remove it.

Out of curiosity, which model do you have?
Something else I noticed is that when I unplug the fan, something electrical (where the transformers are) is making a loud buzzing noise. And only when the MH bulb is on (so I know it's not the power compacts). Again, it's loud enough to be obnoxious. Is that normal?

I'm going to fire an email to the company. Unfortunately, I'm in Canada, so I can't use their 1-800 number.
that can't be normal. it's probably the capacitor inside the lighting fisture. you need to return it or get it repaired.
Mine does that too, I think you are hearing the arc from the bulb being thrown across the contacts.
For people with the Aqualight Pro, which models do you have? I want to know if this is an issue with the 250 watt version or if this affects other models as well. I may try swapping this for something else, so if the 150 watt setups don't do this, then I may go for one of those instead.
The loud fan is definitely an issue, the noise you hear when the MH is on, does it goe away after a few minutes or stay constant? most MH ballasts produce some noise when firing the bulb. Whatever you do DO NOT remove the glass shield unless you dont mind literally cooking your animals.

why not just contact coralife for repair/replacement? they are excellent about supporting their products and should have no problems addressing these issues for you.
I posted a message to Coralife's support forum, so I'll see how that goes. Depending on what their response is, I'll also see about contacting my LFS about a possible replacement because I can't live with the amount of noise this thing is putting out. Fortunately, my LFS has a 30 day exchange policy, so I at least have some options.

The buzzing starts off very quiet, but gets louder as the bulb gets brighter. I've left it on for over 10 mins and the sound is still there. Just a constant, loud buzz.

I never expected this thing to be perfectly quiet, but I'm shocked at the amount of noise it produces. With the fan on, I can hear it in the bedrooms in the other end of my house (the tank is in the living room). It's bloody loud.
Still haven't heard back from ESU (Coralife) yet. But I guess it's only Monday morning for them, so I can wait.

Also called my LFS, but apparently the manager (who I had been dealing with when I got all my stuff) won't be in until Thursday.

So the waiting game continues...
Got a reply from them. They said they could send me a replacement fan, but didn't mention anything about the buzzing noise. I sent them another email asking them about the buzzing and if it's normal behavior for this light.
Another reply. Now they say to send them the ballast and they'll send a replacement. However, according to their warranty policy, they won't cover shipping charges to them. Given that I live in Eastern Canada and they are all the way in California, I can only imagine how much that would cost (the ballast is damn heavy, too).

So instead, I'm going to return it to the LFS and have them order me a 150 watt version of the same fixture. Hopefully, I'll have that in about a week.
Yes, it is an electronic ballast. I got one of these as soon as my distrubutor got them in stock. It's the 24" 250W HQI. Mine is pretty quiet though. Nothing is loud enough to complain about anyway.
If its an Eballast, its not really an HQI, just a 250DE. Not that it really matters.

Anyways, I dont have this light, but have other metal halides, and electronic ballasts. Mine buzz a little when firing up, but are silent after that. If yours are elecronic, they should be too.

Got the 150 watt version. Much better! There's no electrical buzzing noise in this one. However, the fan is still noisy for my taste, so I'm going to look at rigging up a DIY cooling solution.