Aquarist Club at USF - October Meeting


Wrasse Whisperer
This is an invitation to TBRC/RC members to attend the Aquarist Club at the University of South Florida's October Meeting. At our meetings, we provide simple snacks and drinks and host a guest speaker. Our guest speaker for our October Meeting is Kenji Kawabata, the owner of Aquarium Illusions. If you haven't heard of him, you should check out his website: It should be a great meeting, and we wanted to invite non-USF students to the meeting since Kenji is such a renowned aquarist.

Date/Time: October 18th from 5pm - 7pm
Location: ADM 241 (the Honors College conference room) on the USF Tampa campus

*If you would like to attend please RSVP using our Doodle poll at: We have limited space at the meeting, and an accurate head-count is very important.

Thank you, and hope to see some of you at our meeting!
(President of the Aquarist Club at USF)


Wrasse Whisperer
Here is a map with ADM (the Administration building where we meet) circled in red. As far as parking goes, the best place to park would probably be Collins Parking Garage to the right of ADM on the map below. Any parking lot or garage on that map with a "D" on it, is a place were visitors can park. If you park in a lot or garage designated "D", you will have to either get a Visitors permit from the Parking Services Office or pay a meter at the lot/garage. Visitors can also park in Lots 43 and 18 for free up to three times per semester. More information can be found here:


If you have any questions, just ask! :)