Aquarium Photography/clam photography

lebowski, Is that tear drop in your tag your photo. If so how ,specifics, did you photograph it. I have a sony 4Meg digital camera and the auto focus often picks up the acrylic of my tank as the focal point. I can preset the focal length aprox. and this does ok, but not like the photos I see from some of ya'll. Dr D
It seems everyone is upsessed with my avatar, even more, my teardrop...:p

That picture was NOT taken by me but by my pal Anthony who sold it to me..

His camera is a Olympus C-4000... In order to get a picture like in my avatar, you need to put it under super macro mode... Try searching for that option in your camera... After that, I did some minor adjustments on Adobe Photoshop to sharpen the image, because it came out blurred.. I did not coloring, WHATSOEVER on that teardrop... Just sharpening.....