aquatic equipments for sale


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new never use just bought it for my large tank but the storm took the tank down. asking price $130
use but run strong and use it as backup on my old tank. asking price $80
use bought it from a member here but not use it. I have two of it. asking price $25 per or $40 both
new never use. I have two of them. very power full LEDs set. asking price $200 per
practically new. bought it for backup and test in the water for 2 hours. it is a PSK 1000 skimmer pump. asking price $85
skimmer waste collector chamber. asking price $25
circulated pump. I have two of these. I forget what model it is but it use in my 180 gallon tank before. new version with anti noise base. asking price $20 per
heater. I bought two. sold one and one left. brand new. asking price $20
zeovit reactor. you can use the reactor for other thing as well. I use it for 4 months. take it off the system. the pump is new since I connect the reactor to my tank main pump. asking price $125
T5 endcap. asking price $25 for all
T5 ballasters. asking price $25 for both
Free it come with fans
metal halide ballasters. 2 purple ballaster is for sale. the blue one is gone. 250W rating. asking price $50 for both
deltec skimmer. old but work. asking price $200

make me an offer. cash and carry no shipping unless pre-arrange with me. I can meet at different locations within 1/2 hour drive from Somerville, NJ or I can meet at my local fish stores Ocean gallery II or Aquatic Obsession.


Somerville, NJ